The Role of a Marketing Agency in Boosting Your Business

As a marketing expert, I have seen firsthand the impact that a marketing agency can have on a business. A marketing agency is a team of trained individuals, or marketing specialists, who work together to help a client attract customers and improve the user experience through various means. They are service providers that help companies use marketing to reach, encourage, and convert users. These agencies come in all shapes and sizes, with varying specialties and services.

Some well-known examples include WebFX, PwC, and Essence. One of the key roles in a marketing agency is that of an account strategist. This individual is responsible for creating revenue strategies, developing pleasant and fluid customer experiences, and thinking critically to solve problems. They are the driving force behind client strategy. On the other hand, account managers are responsible for communication between the agency and the client.

They are the planners of the organization, helping account strategists develop effective marketing strategies, assigning tasks to the internal team, reviewing deliveries before they reach the customer, and tracking progress of the campaign. If you have a knack for workflows, lead generation forms, and automated marketing technology, then a marketing technology coordinator position may be your dream job. These individuals are knowledgeable about everything related to integration, which helps potential customers overcome the stages of the buying process and introduces them to your closing process. In my agency specifically, our marketing technology coordinators are experts in HubSpot and can quickly solve obstacles or make suggestions for better use of the platform. Creative directors play a crucial role in maintaining brand guidelines and preferences while creating attractive images and graphics. They are responsible for ensuring that all creative elements go through them to maintain quality control and produce the agency's best work.

Graphic designers then implement the vision of the creative director and bring it to life. Content coordinators work closely with the content manager and account managers to provide results. They also collaborate with account strategists, project managers, and sales managers to increase account sales and promote new service and product offerings while ensuring that the agency delivers services and products as contracted. By partnering with a digital marketing agency, businesses have access to a full set of experts and tools. From strategists and account managers to administrators and content coordinators, you can rest assured that you'll receive work from experienced marketers.

Product development and innovation are often considered the most important functions of companies. Think of the scientists who develop drugs at pharmaceutical companies or the engineers who design cars at automotive manufacturers. Marketing is often seen as a supporting function within these companies. However, when you work in an agency, you are the product.

This makes your role extremely valuable, especially if you can create innovative solutions that elevate the overall agency. Most companies hire marketing agencies to increase sales opportunities, support sales efforts, build brand awareness, increase market share, and improve their reputation within an industry. A good marketing agency achieves these goals by taking the time to learn about the client's industry, target audience, and previous marketing efforts. As the CEO and founder of Sosemo, an award-winning digital marketing agency specializing in search marketing and paid social media marketing, I have seen how crucial this step is in delivering successful results for our clients. When a company decides to hire an internal marketing team, they should be prepared to hire between two and five employees initially. This number may expand in the future due to increased marketing efforts or company growth.

An example of a company hiring a marketing firm is when they want to improve their visibility on search engines. Marketing agencies help companies reach, nurture, and convert users through various strategies such as print advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media marketing. A traditional marketing company, for example, may not offer digital marketing services like SEO. Whether you're starting your marketing efforts with a small campaign or launching an entirely new brand with a new website, you'll need a team of marketing specialists to take care of it. Typically, companies will maintain an internal marketing team that coordinates projects with a marketing agency. WebFX's unique digital marketing platform makes it easier than ever to track digital marketing performance, conduct industry research, calculate ROI, and make strategic decisions.

The challenge comes when a company must choose between hiring an internal team or outsourcing marketing to a digital agency. Companies without a marketing team or experienced marketing leadership often turn to agencies to fill those positions, creating long-lasting relationships with the agency. In turn, when a company hires a digital marketing agency, they gain access to a qualified range of marketing specialists without the expense of hiring an internal team.

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